Golfo Aranci Located 15 minutes from the port of Olbia (just half an hour by boat), the port of Golfo Aranci is the closest Sardinian port to the Continent. With an annual traffic approaching one million passengers, it was originally a maritime terminal for the railway service transporting passengers and goods. It is equipped with docks, mooring and railway tracks for large tonnage passenger ships. There is also a Maritime Station, where offices and reception services are located.


Technical documentation on the port

Batimetrie (link)


Passenger Services

In the port there is a small maritime station, recently renovated, which houses the ticket offices, the tobacco bar and the toilets. In the port area there are numerous commercial kiosks of various kinds, including some restaurants. A magnificent promenade equipped with tourist services begins a few tens of metres from the port.

Road Connection

The Port of Golfo Aranci is connected towards the West via the SP82 with the Port of Olbia (about 22 km), towards the West via the E25 SS597 and the SS729 to the city of Porto Torres (about 143 km), and towards the South by the E25 to the city of Cagliari (about 283 km).

Intermodal Passenger Centres

There is no single intermodal centre. You can walk to the train station and the ARST suburban bus stop. The train station is close to the port, about 550 m with a 7 minute walking time.

Passenger Transport Services

Golfo Aranci is a small accessible town that can be easily visited on foot, by scooter or by bike. It does not have a city bus network. It is connected to Olbia through the train service and the bus service managed by ARST.

Railway Station

The station is located in Viale Stazione n.10.
From the port it is possible to get to the station on foot (about 500 m – estimated journey time of 6 minutes).
Train timetables are available at the following links:


From Golfo Aranci, the most easily accessible airport is Olbia – Costa Smeralda which is 23 km away (estimated time by car 25 minutes).
It is also possible to get to Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport by public transport: by train to the Olbia railway station (3 stops and 24 minutes journey) and then with the Olbia city bus network by taking Bus no. 2 from Via Gabriele d’Annunzio (12 stops and about 8 minutes travel) and then walking for about 180 m (2 minutes travel time).

Cagliari – Elmas: 278 Km – estimated journey time by car 2 hours 57 minutes.
It is also possible to get to Cagliari Elmas airport by train: 6 trains depart every day from Olbia railway station and stop at Elmas airport.

Alghero- Fertilia: 149 Km – estimated journey time by car 1 hour 45 minutes.
It is also possible to get to Alghero-Fertilia airport by bus with the SUN LINES company Tel 0789 50885 – Cell 348 2609881 Request information WhatsApp 347 4708973
For timetables, stops and the route see page:

Local and Regional Public Transport

For trips outside the city, it is possible to use both the Ferrovie dello Stato service and the replacement ARST service. Starting from Golfo Aranci railway station and finishing at the intermodal centre in Olbia.
Golfo Aranci – Olbia: 4 trains – 7 ARST buses
Olbia – Sassari: 8 trains – 2 Sun lines buses
Olbia – Oristano: 6 trains
Olbia – Cagliari: 5 trains
Olbia – Nuoro: There is no connection
The timetables, stops and prices for the service can be found at the following addresses:


FORROIA LIBERATO – Via Vespucci N.15 – 07020 Golfo Aranci (SS) – tel. 0789 46133, 347 3397596
LANGELLA ANNA Via Vespucci N.15 – 07020 Golfo Aranci (SS) – tel. 347 3397596, 347 9528879


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